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23 March1943
exact date of 23 of March 1943
day of the month 23 March 1943
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1943
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs(Mother) Appleyard
2B Linnet Lane, Liverpool 17, England.

From: Bill Appleyard 2573382 Dvr. I/C Yeomanry, Att. 104th. Regt. R.H.A.,M.E.F.
North African Desert.


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Dr ic Appleyard BH
Middlesex Yeomanry
att th Regiments RHA

Dearest Mother

Your air letter immediately following Dels visit greeted me when I woke yesterday morning You cant imagine or can you how happy it has made me I read the meaning of the cable of course and I was anxiously waiting for news From what you say she appears just as I always remember her amazing how you seem to have hit on almost the exact phrases that I would have used Im glad she left the photos with you but you should have received a couple of that series by now one head and shoulders and one full length which were taken during our day rest at the beginning of August They may turn up yet Likewise you should have received my acknowledgment and thanks for the Xmas money also an account on how it was used Cant understand the hiatus of my letters at any rate not to the extent which you mention

We are threatened with the gift of days leave as yet I dont know whether I can either afford nor if I want to take it Unless to try and see the Es it would take too long but I could easily go to Mrs Bigger its the best part of three years since Ive seen them and it would be sheer heaven to spend a few days in an English household

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also I might be able to get some definite news of Bob Mansbridge from them

Saturday I stood myself a Turkish bath and felt reasonably clean after it a very woggish and primitive affair but fairly effective Am not impressed by this town which seems to consist of Moslem burial grounds Following the bath I went up to another camp to attend an informal MY reunion quite a crowd of us gathered in their canteen and kicked up hells delight We had an impressive array of hangovers on Sunday morning and partook of the traditional breakfast of a cigarette and mug of tea Picked up a new song which I will enclose in my next letter shorn of one adjective

Ive recently had an interview with our Divisional APM an exceedingly nice Jock major who is recommending me for transfer to the CMP on the strength of my canine experience so that there is a possibility of my being sent down to their base sometime in the future for a period of probationary training Fred is highly amused and prophesies my being drummed out almost before my arrival but the fact remains that for years my existence has been officially spotless but bearing in mind our joint escapades in the past particularly on our long leave a year ago anything may happen to me Anyway if I do get the job it will be more than interesting and I would quite cheerfully part with major shares in my immortal soul to be with intelligent animals again Converselywise should I be slung out on my ear and so

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returned to Signals Base I should have little difficulty being posted to a section in the desert for which I still hanker All things being equal there is no reason why I shouldnt end up with a stretch in the glasshouse

In an earlier air letter you speak of the rumour of MEF home leave Personally I see no hope of it I dont seriously anticipate being Blighty again until after the war is over and we have done a further year or so on permanent fatigues cleaning and tidying up the desert so that it is a home fit for wogs to live in Naturally if the miracle did happen Id jump at it same as most of the remainder of us and D and I would probably get married on the strength of it and theyd have to start another front to get me back on the boat at the end but quite honestly my dear Id forget it

Once again my deepest thanks for your news of Del which amplifies her many letters and which has made me so very happy and set my only remaining fears at rest Your letter has brought all of you whom I love so very near to me its useless to try and explain it or to try to express my thanks only now I am happier than I have ever been thanks to you both

Goodnight my dearest
God bless you
Your own son

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