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2 August1918
exact date of 02 of August 1918
day of the month 02 August 1918
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1918
month of Augustdecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Russel

From: Dad
1383-16th Street, Detroit, Michigan, USA.


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Aug nd

Dear Russell
I answered your last letter some time ago but will write again not waiting for a reply and you must do the same

Paul was home on a ten day pass from the th to the th of July He is now quartered in Jersey City NJ doing phone work in the office He has been there some time and I begin to suspicion they intend to keep him there for sometime at least He has grown tall since he enlisted I guess taller than I am but he says he dont weigh as

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as when he enlisted

Fred Kellmans division the th left Camp Custer about two weeks ago and one on their way across now He is in th regiment of engineers They are sure putting the boys though a whoopun now they were drafted only last April which makes only about three months at camp

Had a letter from Edd last week saying Maud was in the hospital from an operation for tumor and several other things and had come out of it in fine shape but I have not heard anything more from him since but I suppose she is getting on all right or we would hear from him
We are getting lots of good news the last couple weeks about the counter offensive of the Allies and of the fine showing the American troops are making I am wondering my head off if your regiment is involved but the papers dont give any information of that nature
We are all working hard everyday "lehas" is on the airplane job at the Packard yet and I am still playing at the old E&J I have tried several

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times to get out but from one cause or another I always stay

Eva is now working at the executive office of the Telephone Co and seems to like it real well Labor of all kinds has become very scarce and has got so bad that the Govt has taken control of it and is distributing it among the war industries and taking it away from the non essentials I have not been affected yet but I am ready anytime or place they want me

Must close sending you out greatest love and good wishes and you must write as often as you can
Good Bye

Detroit Michigan

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