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13 February1929
exact date of 13 of February 1929
day of the month 13 February 1929
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1929
month of Februarydecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. John Moseman
3212 Payton Road, Oakley, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From: Aunt Lizzie


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Dear "Julie" Feb th

Received your letter but failed to find the "tract" you was supposed to put in Guess you forgot it Glad to hear you all had a nice Christmas and most of all glad to hear you are all so happy and have let the Lord into your lives It sure does make one feel much happier no matter how often these little trials come up As you say it draws us closer to the Lord You must all feel very happy about Johns folks asking the Dear Savior as their Savior Were they all immersed and has John ever been The verse that song you wrote to me is sure true It must be very cold for John to work up on Coney Island in the winter time

It has been very cold here the last week or two Have to have three gas stoves most all day Coldest they have had for years But no snow or ice to walk on and your face or feet don freeze If one is dressed warm it is lovely I want to tell you what we have on our beds at night We don have any heat in house at night Aunt Lillie sleeps between cotton blankets has a heavy cotton comfort on and a feather comfort on that It looks like a feather bed only it is quilted like a comfort and then her spread I sleep on a cotton blanket Have a sheet of wool blanket a new heavy double cotton blanket a heavy cotton comfort a white spread And then I double another double cotton blanket in hold and put that over top of my bed am not any to warm

With these little hen houses and no heat at night You just feel like you are sleeping in the open One sure sleeps fine if you have enough bed clothes Lots of people have had to take hot rum or hot water bottle to bed with them to keep warm during the cold snap Lots of suffering among the poor who haven enough warm bed clothes Wish I had plenty of money just for one reason and that is to help the poor have warm clothing and bed cloths in winter Lillie I guess you won get hurt or mad at Aunt

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He is say now A man came to services not long ago and said he wanted to be prayed for And that he was miserable He was loosing his hearing Why when I go to a show I just cant hear any thing they say I want to be prayed for so I get my hearing The speaker says he wanted his hearing so he could hear what they say at the show

He said most people wont believe in the healing until they are healed He said a man promised him a fine pair of shoes He said he said he hasnt got the shoes yet but that didnt stop him from thanking the man He said he thanked him so much that the man may give him two pairs Tell the dogs I love them

Dont wait to thank God for our healing until we get it Thank him and trust him when we ask And we sure will get it I wish I could be strongest in my faith and take my healing But I can

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expect to get it when I am holding on to the Lord with one hand and the Shoe with the other and allow the terrible fear to come over him when my beach get to hurting me so Fear I believe is one of the worst thing we have to fight

Mrs McPherson is away now and they have a good speaker at temple His name is Mitchel He isnt so expectable as Mrs McPard preaches fine sermons I dont go to temple It is too far away and take almost a whole day to go and Uncle Harry wont go on Sundays

Have to get them so early to get a seat We go up to Christian Church in Bell some times A good speaker up there then we listen write a fine speaker by the name of Mathews His church is called the church of the open door

I never heard a finer speaker and you can tell he is loved by all from the letters he gets from people

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She has a few then cotton blankets and is going to send them to you Thinking they would do for a change on the boys bed

When they wet the beds you would have a dry one to change with they are not heavy enough or warm enough to cover with But good enough to sleep on There isnt much warmth in old cotton blankets She is putting in two old spreads maybe you can use and a piece of unbleached woolen that came off a wool comfort for the first cover and there was a satin cover over it It is all sticked but not "rent" Maybe you could rip the sticking our and wash it in your machine and use it for something A cover over your mattress Or the first cover over a cotton comfort and first calico cover over it If you make a comfort We can keep warm without comforts

I havent had a word from Sussie since Christmas I hope I havent said anything to make mad at me I am sorry if I did You didnt say a word about Emma was in your letter you know we are anxious to know each well Pearly wrote a few lines after Christmas and told us how Emma was Aunt Sallies pet was request for prayer for Emma each week at the temple We all hope she is getting better and will soon be well I just cant sand will never will see how anyone can say

We are alright if we are sick like some people will say I am fine Mrs McPherson never says she is fine if she is sick She said a few weeks ago she never says she is fine if she is sick She said a few weeks ago She knew the devil was trying to put a bad case of the flu on her so she was feeling so bad and if it has many a person they would be in bed I am listening now to the five hundred room service it is fine I am scribbling this letter because I am writing on a book

This man is five hundred room is a fine speaker and I love to listen to him and get lots of comfort from his talks Well I hope you are well and keep well Write when you have time and always let us know how every body is Hope children are all well Let us know when you get bundle Aunt Sallie said she hoped you wont get hurt at these old things

Love to all from all I told here

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