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13 September1945
exact date of 13 of September 1945
day of the month 13 September 1945
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1945
month of Septemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Margie Krumpleman
Box 168 R.R.#4, Buttermilk Rd., Erlanger, Kentucky USA.

From: S/Sgt Jos. E. Lehman (35633019) CE
P.O. Box 180, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.


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Hello Margie

Received your letter some time ago and am very sorry that I havent answered sooner Its the same old story and I guess you get tired of hearing it One of these days things will be different I hope Please excuse the stationery as it is all I have at the present Wanted to get a few lines at least off to you while I had the chance Yep Im doing a little goldbricking Im going in to Santa Fe in a few minutes to see if I can get some tires for my car Got a red hot rumor that some tires are due to arrive this afternoon I have a certificate for two but so far I havent been able to do any good Got a nice long and very interesting letter from Bill yesterday Was the first Id heard from him in a long time He sent a few pictures along too and some of them arent very pretty They are actual shots of some of those prison camps for the States sometime in November Sure hope he makes it as it has been a long time since hes seen home

You asked about the height of my little gal Well shes just about inch shorter than I am I am " The folks had a very nice visit with you Just hope they can do it more often in the future I was planning to go to California on my next furlough which I had hoped would come in December but if Bill gets home I guess Ill go home instead Thought it would be nice if I had the chance to go to Cal as long as I was out this far but I guess itll have to wait Well I guess this is about all I have time for right now I want to be sure to get into town as soon as possible so I dont miss out on a chance to get those tires Just want to let you know that I was OK and at least still among the living Give my best to your folks and be good Write again when you can

Your Cousin

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