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31 October1943
exact date of 31 of October 1943
day of the month 31 October 1943
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1943
month of Octoberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Margie Krumpleman
Box 168 R.R.#4, Buttermilk Rd., Erlanger, Kentucky USA.

From: CPL Jrs Joe E Lehman (35633019) 400th MPEJ Co.
Prisoner of War Camp, Hereford Texas, USA.


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Prisoner of War Camp
Hereford Texas October

Dear Margie

Please forgive me for not answering your letter sooner but Ive been so darn busy I just havent had a chance

I received your letter while home but I honestly didnt have time to write I was on the go every minute Really had a wonderful time The girlfriend & I played golf several afternoons & got "SlapHappy" several evenings I took your advice & didnt get drunk Am glad I did Had a lousy trip home Had to stand clear from Texas to Chicago & I think from Chicago down home Was I tired It was worth it though

I brought my can back with me We really had a wonderful trip down The scenery through the Ozark mountains was really beautiful Wish I had brought

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my camera I could have gotten some superduper pictures

The second night after I got back I went into town Had my first flat tire since Ive had the car Got it fixed & everything is OK now

Ive still got a heck of a lot of writing to do When I got back I had quite a few letters waiting for me I got a letter from the girl friend at least every day & I try to answer her as often as she writes but I cant do it Im a heck of a guy to write anyhow Oh well maybe someday Ill get caught up

Well its time for me to go back to work so Ill have to close for now More next time Be good & stay sober Take care of everything & write when you can

Your cousin

PS Tell your Mother & Dad I said "Hello"

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