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13 November1943
exact date of 13 of November 1943
day of the month 13 November 1943
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1943
month of Novemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: MR.(Dad) & Mrs(Mother) J.A.Mossman
Box 225 Rugler Mill Rd, Cincinmati, Ohio R.R.#10 STA.M. USA.

From: Sgt W.A.MOSSMAN CO-B p-2 237th eng com.
A.P.O. 9027 On Boat.


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Mon Nov

Dear Mother &Dad

I received a letter from you today mailed the st of Nov I hope you have lots of luck with the chickens Do you sell the eggs or use them all I took shots in the arm days ago and it made me sicker than a dog

I have to take more in the next day or so and I hope they don make me as sick because if they do I will refuse any more no matter what happens Today we all exchanged haircuts and boy did the poor " " have I cut take a beaten I am sending my driving license insurance card few pictures Please put it away for me

I am also sending insignias if they don show them out save them for me I will repeat my APO in case it was cut out of my last letter

Love Bill

CoB th EngrcBmAPOD CO Postmaster
New York New York

PS I on the boat Bill

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