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26 November1943
exact date of 26 of November 1943
day of the month 26 November 1943
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1943
month of Novemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs J B Filters
914 Curtis St, Cincinmati, Ohio, USA.

From: Unkown


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Nov rd

Dear Susie
Received your letter in regards to Bolsinger I am satisfied now that he is at his office and I have sent him four letters some required an answer but much secured any reply As to Bobs attorney Willer you dont have to " " anyone to answer that notice unless they want to protest it is to late now I waited till the last day then then moved not hearing from anyone it cost me to file search anyone not in the will should not sign any papers When Bob was out here in and he surely moved Dalli We thought he was having a good time going from one to the other coming in every night in time for meals after he spent the day in the saloon he left his money there he never at anytime spent a dime around the house I took him to the

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and thought it was best for him to go back as he never improved any I think Sallie would have not passed away so suddenly if Bob would of acted differently May had a lot of patience being so busy when Bob could have helped him I cant understand how anyone could sit at the table at meal time after spending all of his money in that saloon two doors from their store Sallie had lots to put up with him getting him to bed I dont suppose she ever wrote back unless to Lizzie I always tried to talk to him you know I had a hard time to get Bob to work on Saturday when I was busy in the spring

What he saved was through us running the business "for" him then he gave for Ollie plenty worry If I had stayed with Ollie they both would have had saved a nice little fortune

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and would have taken the heavy load off Ollies mind at that Bob saved enough to clear two pieces of property The one he drank " " I cant " " from thinking of his good wife Sus how she passed away that was worrying and a broken heart I wrote Bob a long letter begging him to change for Lizzies sake and the rest of the relation and in few days I received that more about his death I understand Cliff and Weller was there the time he laid in the snow

I just came to a point when one keeps themselves in that condition day after day they are not normal so in making that nd will I suppose his attorney wasnt interested in names or he would have asked some questions about the relation as Bob at that time was not in a fashion to think then Weller should have been more

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I never meet Mr Weller only as a boy in his father store on Main Street I knew his father George I was the first one to start him hanging paper when he just arrived from Berlin Germany and we thought him to speak English so a few years later he saved enough to open a store on Main Street he gave his three boys a college training I heard later he lost his property before his matter is settled they should be some money in the bank theyre case is started I know then will be some expense on both sides Willer will have another Lawyer to try the will that will cost some as I dont think he is that kind of a attorney to plead a case before a jury so it is up to the ones in will of them want it timed or the case a compromise because an attorney has a case that dont mean has the full power of his clients They have their say over him I could write to Bolsinger if I wished to dismiss the case

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so they should hold a meeting and decide what steps to take We are getting ready for the holidays now The war has made many changes in home life the thought of the young boys over there we just cant help from thinking everyday how much longer this will last then after the war is another problem to work out We are thankful that our boy can be with us he is just a little man and all Smith I have never laid a hand on him or even spanked him since he was born hes his Mammas boy she cannot go any place and stay away soon as he comes home from school he hurts her and if she is not home in time he starts to call up on the phone and then he will begin to ask when she left did she say when she would be back He kicks the covers off his bed every night Its cold out here all though the summer nights so I have been getting up every night for eleven years to cover him

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

he has his own bed room I never miss a night that is a good habit he has that he does not like to see girls smoking We hope we can raise him to be a good boy he goes to his Sunday school and carries his bible with him I just look and wonder why he brought happiness and comfort to me I have seen so much trouble on account of drink I never use tobacco or any kind of strong drink for years I am glad to hear from Frank you say Lilly is working is that Josey Mossmans Lilly or is that another one in the family I was just a wondering how many more years are you going to live at Curtis I think they should give you that house you almost paid the price We had Perls address on that notice but we miss"handled" it You spoke of Cliff Willan I have not since the first year out here mite look him up sometime I will close with love and best wishes to all

Eillisworth and family

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