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24 January1944
exact date of 24 of January 1944
day of the month 24 January 1944
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1944
month of Januarydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Margie Krumpleman
Box 168 R.R.#4, Buttermilk Rd., Erlanger, Kentucky USA.

From: CPL Jrs Joe E Lehman (35633019) 400th MPEJ Comapny
Prisoner of War Camp, Camp Bowie Texas, USA.


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Dear Margy

Received your letter of the th but as yet I havent received your letter of the nd Someone must have picked it up and decided to keep it for themselves But whats one letter more or less We wont argue about it

So you do quite a bit of bowling huh I like it myself but I just dont get the opportunity to bowl as much as Id like In fact We have a couple of alleys down town but as yet I havent had an opportunity to use them One of these days Ill spend a whole evening making up for lost time Its a very healthful sport and very interesting The only sport I like better is golf We have a pretty decent course here but I havent had time to got out yet Im really a busy man

They even get me out of bed at night to work Whenever something does come up it cant be early in the evening or before I go to bed its always right in the middle of the night But thats the good old Army for you

I washed and polished my car yesterday Boy it really looks nice now First time its really been cleaned up since Ive been down here Just dont have time It was a very beautiful day yesterday and I felt full of pep and energy so I did it Today its very cloudy and looks like rain You might know that would happen right after you clean the car or wasj windows or something The sun is trying to come out a little bit now so maybe it wont rain We had a good bit of snow here last week It was very usual for around here Lasted for about days Yesterday it was so warm that you run around without a shirt Thats Texas weather for you though Got a letter from Mother today saying that Bill expected to see quite a bit of action over there in England before too long Guess theyre getting ready for the big push

Just hope and pray that everything goes all right for him Not only him but all the fellows over there Just had to take time off to talk to a fellow that wants to transfer into our company from another outfit here on the post Were short of men and could use him Hope he gets in

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Well are you working hard yet Still over in Cincinnatti Whats new up in those parts anything Sure would like to be up there this afternoon Weve a fellow in our outfit that come from Cincy I believe he lives on River Rd or something like that Also have a couple of fellows who lives in different parts of Ohio

Once again Im stuck Theres nothing new to write about Thats the worst thing I hate about this Army The letter writing If there was something to write about I guess it wouldnt be so bad Ive got about more letters to write this afternoon and so help me I cant think of a thing to write What you do in a mess like that

Have a couple of weeks off this past week so I tool in a couple of movies One was the "The Miracl of Morgans Creek" Wasnt too bad A lot of laughs The other I saw last night It was "Ali Baba and the Thieves" Its in technicolor Was pretty good also In fac anything is good just to pass the time away

Well Im completely run down so Ill buzz off for now Be good stay sober and write when you can Tell your Mom and Dad I said "Hello"

Your Cousin
Joes Crab Shack

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