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21 March1944
exact date of 21 of March 1944
day of the month 21 March 1944
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1944
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Margie Krumpleman
Box 168 R.R.#4, Buttermilk Rd., Erlanger, Kentucky USA.

From: CPL Jrs Joe E Lehman (35633019) 400th MPEJ Company
Prisoner of War Camp, Camp Bowie Texas, USA.


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Dear Margie

Received you letter today & was swell to hear from you Had a few spare minutes so I thought Id better answer your letter Spare minutes like this are few and far between Was downtown for a little while late this afternoon Got a haircut and a bite to eat Came back to Camp and changed a couple of tires on my car

Just had a couple scrapped & they did a pretty nice job Also getting ready for my furlough All I need now is the gas Where on earth Ill get that I dont know If all goes well I should be home six weeks from tonight Its still quite a way off but Im getting anxious & am looking forward to it

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Wrote Bill a letter last night Hes still in England Do you ever write or hear from him In case you get time and want to drop him a few lines heres his address

Cpl Wm R Lehman
Hq Tn th Cav Ren Sq
co Postmaster
New York NY

In case you had his old address youll notice he has a new APO no Ive been busier than a bee for the past couple of weeks The st sgt has been on a furlough & Ive been holding down his job & mine too It really quite me hopping but it makes the time go faster & that I like Ive been in a little over a year now & the time has gone pretty fast

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Just hope the rest of my time goes as fast Sounds like I was serving time in the jug doesnt it Boy this is a beautiful evening Last night it turned cold as the devil but warmed up swell today Seems just like god old spring at that Did you get all your painting finished Bet you have everything looking real snazzy now Howre you making out with all your boy friends Marge And Ill bet you have a string of them too How do you keep them straight Use a fitting system Ha Ha Something just came up so I have to run Tell your folks "Hello" for me & be good

Your Cousin

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