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10 April1945
exact date of 10 of April 1945
day of the month 10 April 1945
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1945
month of Aprildecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Margy Krumpleman
Box 168 R.R.#4, Buttermilk Rd., Erlanger, Kentucky USA.

From: PFC Harold A. Diamond # 32662580
New York, N.Y.


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World War 2


Dear " Aunt Margie"

Certainly I have it right Im uncle Joe and youre my sister arent you Well dont argue then Im sorry Im so late in writing but Ive been kept pretty busy with occupation training Just finished a letter to Sister But since I cant think a little Ill get one off to you I told her what a grand time I had on the weekend and I mean Easter weekend I really celebrated the holidays Dances and Carnivals Boy what fun To help us along weve been having some very beautiful

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Something to be proved and I do man proved Its about the niciest weather theyre had here in a long time Ive attended Mass in town and in a very add church I mean the design of the church

Its nothing like our churches but then again Im in England arent I Lately Ive seen some pretyy good Gary Cooper pictures I liked them very much I would like to see Eral Flynn in "Objective Bum a "but

And so with a wish Ill close
So long for now
As ever

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