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0 1940
exact date of 00 of  1940
day of the month 00  1940
calendar day - 00 of year - 1940
month of decade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Jaon Mossman
Box 225, Kugler, Mill Rd., Kenwood Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

From: Prt. W. A. Moseman Co-B 237th Engr-Com-REG
Camp Carson, Colorado, USA.


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Dear Lilly

Was very happy to receive your most welcomed letter Everyone here has colds as weve had nothing but rain rain & rain of course it was welcome but not so much now so continued We arent in Ariz but up for it like back qash the hits washed out our to the highways all the dams are overflowing and the canals are full where we had to take vacation while it

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poured Its very cool for this time of year It rained days ago & now Its cloudy I bet it opens up again Most of our tourist are disgusted Mayone went to good had a kidney almost & wets every minutes heck otherwise the dance I have push grand children & one out the way this now Jerry

Bay girl Ginnid
girl Boy Andy
is in ASU Soph
I have will be in the fifth
time flies i believe

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me We engaged Pearlic so much I hope she can make it this next year Mnay thing have changed since we talked to Pearlic about coming back Jerry lost his lease at the" "store They had years to go back wanted a Shopping Center on taht being conle so they made some " " a mill leaver pilyu Jerry and Bob on making a deal with a bulder to Build them of building near me

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for X d front end and stram no fountain this time theyll have to move all RXs etc to bew store app pone th will be unable to come back for Days graduaters Hes busier & a car with kilters right nose Andy visited his midday has made arrangements with a logging fuss to Pog this summer & make a couple of grand so he can by a new car a tractor for next years college

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also Bud will be at a different job beginning parnell sh so hell gave to stay home so I am coming back alone Ill drop Dad & Mom off at Clancys & then " " to wash Should be in China app as the th Law graduates I must be here at home the th So not much time Ill call now as soon as I get to cincy Give my love to all

See you soon

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

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