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14 June1945
exact date of 14 of June 1945
day of the month 14 June 1945
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1945
month of Junedecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs Philip J White
Groten, Vermont, USA.

From: PVT. P.T.White Co B 31st Bat 9th Reg
Camp Gordan, Massachusetts USA.


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June th

Dear Nelli
I have received both the cig and bathing suit You had better send another carton of cig Kermit McCain has lost his ration cards so I shall have to share with him We have a swimming period today the bathing suit came after wards If Bernie Hart hasnt an insurance policy make him take out one for If he hasnt paid anything get after him just tell him you will have to write to me Then I will look after it We are down to the Service Club another dance

We will stay until about oclock then head for bed There is at least men to girl remember how you used to like the odds We have had a busy week so for an another busy day tomorrow

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I havent written to Stella as yet Really havent had time We wont have this week end off as we head for the Rifle range Sunday and will be gone until next Friday So you may not hear from me too often of course we dont know anything about it as yet Today we have been busy a movie it was so hot I went to sleep just for a second more than times

This is a much better dance than before They are betting them cut in but are keeping the rest off from the floor which would be a big help If I was going to dance I am afraid that I wont try it blisters and damn tired legs It was hard work to get me down here Well I am using Kermit paper and pen so must sign off I received your letter about camp also one from Mother Nellie and Bert All my love to you & Jackie

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