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14 June1945
exact date of 14 of June 1945
day of the month 14 June 1945
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1945
month of Junedecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs P J White
Groten, Vermont, USA.

From: PVT. P.T.White Co B 31st Bat 9th Reg
Camp Gordan, Massachusetts USA.


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World War One
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Dear Nelli
We got in just a few minutes ago St has been a long day Up at this morning and only minutes to ourselves all day long except when we were eating Tomorrow we dont eat breakfast until oclock Then we go for a swim the of us have the pool for a whole hour Then we see another movie I have first hand information now on what we do the next day The squad leaders and guides also have to go to school an hour each night That means no time for the Px or not more than movies a week

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Received a letter from Clow today also one from

Dear Nelli
i will add to this and mail it I would another at the Service Club tonight which you should get at the same time All My love to you & Jackie


PS I write a letter to Carlene a day or two ago just found it so will tear it up and write later If you see her sat you can let her know


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