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27 June1945
exact date of 27 of June 1945
day of the month 27 June 1945
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1945
month of Junedecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs Phillip J White
Groten, Vermont, USA.

From: PVT. P.T.White Co B 31st Bat 9th Reg
Camp Gordan, Massachusetts USA.


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Dear Nelli

One more day is gone by we worked with the BAR and rocket gun this afternoon The morning we went through a short obstacle course It had a hurdle then one about foot that we had to go over Then came one about ten feet high It was a board fence It sure was funny seeing some of the fellows going over it A few got on top then fell off Others got nearly to the top and then fell back We laughed our head off I made it twice

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good shape then we were all done some of fellow had to try some of fellows had to try certain ones ten times at least Well what about the addition Send a telegram when it arrives you can have Nelli or Johnny send it for you About a name I dont know Ask mother it would please her a lot

Keep the name short and plain be not Sally or Susan have one that goes with White As for a boy make it damn plain and forget about Cecil or Percy I mailed my watch today so you will get it soon I hope remember to return the case

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once I wrote a letter to Polly Dodge Sunday but this pen made such a mess of it that I didnt mail it The point looked like it was broken but I have got it straightened out you just have to look at the paper and the ink flows a stream

James Walsh who had the sick boys hasnt left yet we are going down for a bottle of beer as soon as we finish our letters He received another telegram today says that the boys was off the danger list which helps out He blames it on the Red Cross The Cambridge Red Cross sent application to the Augusta Red Cross and

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dont seem to pay an attraction at least he cant get any action out of them Then you write tell me about some of the people at home some night soon I must write to Am Horgan Well I must close

All my love to you & Jack

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