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30 June1945
exact date of 30 of June 1945
day of the month 30 June 1945
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1945
month of Junedecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs Phillip J White
in Hospital Woodsville, New Hampshire.

From: PVT. P.T.White Co B 31st Bat 9th Reg
Camp Gordan, Massachusetts USA.


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Dear Nelli
I received your letter tonight When we get in We were lucky came in about PM all tired out Then the telegram I was sure pleased that everyone is OK namely you

I went in and asked for a day leave They looked at the telegram and said no hope as you were both fine It makes a fellow feel pretty blue There are a lot more in the same boat so I guess I can see it then The Sargent that I asked said "Hell No" I didnt see my daughter

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until she was seven months old It is pretty hard to put it on paper but I have lost more sleep and weight this time than I did when Jackie was born The idea of not know how you were or anything keeps a man pretty upset I sure do hope Polly will come over for a few days then Don and Margant will be there it will help out The name doesnt make any difference I sure would like to see you and Jackie also the new addition I wrote to Johnny to be sure and get some flowers but if I can get out of here this weekend I will call and wire some more I dont know as there is any hope

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as you know there isnt much hope of anything in a place like this After tow damn hard days the boys are cleaning up our new home as they call it For some unknown reason I got out of it Thanks to Sgt Ford That is the only reason that I have a chance to write this I will have to go back and clean that rifle again before I get to bed They use Black Powder and it makes a mess of everything

Well I must close it was degrees here at am We walked miles after pm it was awful hot they let us have a one fifteen minute break about one half the way in That gives you time to smoke a cigarette but not

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more Tomorrow is the big day Inspection for everything even ourselves and I havent a hair cut so it is one down already Then in the afternoon is Pay day the boys are happy about that I havent able to cash the Money Order or the Checks so if nothing happens I will return them in a day or two Write when you get them also the watch It cost me a dollar to sen it Please write how much postage was in it if you can remember I valued it at I think the mail clerk put about c in his pocket

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Well I must sign off and get to work When you feel able drop a line and let me know The whole story wight and etc Then when you get home take a few pictures and sent at once I know they all look the same but this one will be cute as mother says in cases

Well all my love


Ps Where is Jackie

Let her look after and help all you can It will make her so happy I sure wish I could be with you both She must be lost all alone

All my love to you both

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

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