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30 December1945
exact date of 30 of December 1945
day of the month 30 December 1945
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1945
month of Decemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Jackalyn K White
Groton, Vermont.

From: PVT. P.T.White 31482518 Prov. Co B. 9th RD
A.P.O 545 Hiedelberg, Germany.


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Hiedelberg Germany

Dear Jackie
This is Sunday afternoon and we are in the Red Cross drinking Coca Cola and eating donuts We arent going back for supper This afternoon it is raining but we have been for a walk down by the river It is the Neckep river and is very large There were some birds that looked a little like our pigeons mostly white with black tipped wings The boys would throw them food and they would catch it in the air

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missed two or three would land on the water after it It started to rain again so we are back writing you can tell Grammie that we are listening to a radio program from New York The red cross radios are about all we hear Have mother take a picture of you and your dolls and sank some to daddy Daddy looks at your pictures really every day The can find anyone to show them to he brags about his daughter I know by the paper that you have snow now but over here all it does is rain every day We havent had a nice day since we got here Once in a

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the sun shines for a few hours but not the whole day Daddy was lucky to be sent here it is much nicer than any other place he has been The people are clean and there are a lot of paces for recreation but he still thinks of his family and wishes he could be with them We had a good time together and someday soon we will start in again We missed camp this summer but maybe by the best of next fall "We hope" we can go to camp and other places again

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How do those new skis work be sure and have mother write about them & bet you fall down once in a while Does Mother take you and Sis down street on the sled or does she make your pull sister

There has been a one star and a three star General here this afternoon they are big shot Mother will understand this Will close and write another letter to someone cant decide to whom because we wont receive any mail until last of this month

Love to you all
PS Mailed the pictures of Paris

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