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28 June1945
exact date of 28 of June 1945
day of the month 28 June 1945
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1945
month of Junedecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Madonna Joan Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago 13, Illinois.

From: PVT. Pune R. Brooks 36991754 co. K 101st Infantry
APO-26, Punik, Czechoslavakia.


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Perel Czech

Dearest Darling
Well honey I think its about time I write you a few lines I havent received any mail in a week so just get out of the writing mood I just now got back from a show on the redeployment system sure is a screwed up way of doing things but thats the way they do everything anyhow Had a little rain today broke as tho it will start again early this evening but I hope not for if it does it will spoil our beer party

I just heard the latest rumor that official from Regiment That the th is in class II or CBI material and that were supposed to return to the States in August or Sept for jungle training also that we get at least twenty one days at Rome but things change so fast now days anything can happen & those new combat jackets issued

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to us last week but mine is so damn big so Im having it tailored down to the shape of my body boy they sure do look sharp Well honey Im going to close for now and wait till the mail come in who knows I may get a letter from you Just as I wrote that darling I did receive a letter from you tonite & sure was very happy Donna why write such crazy things as do I love you do think Id put those words in letters Ive wrote you if I didnt mean it Got a letter from mother also tonite says my brother Burdette the one that was in Rome will be home soon in fact hes in the States now at Camp Patrick Henry Virginia gee Well Darling I must close and write my mother & brother before going on guard Ill write soon again and often as I can Write soon
Love Verne

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