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22 October1946
exact date of 22 of October 1946
day of the month 22 October 1946
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1946
month of Octoberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Madonna Joe Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago 13, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P Casey 46073231 56th Air Enginering Squard 31st Air Service Sraqn
APO 334 Luam, Japan.


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Hi Donna

Well guess its about time I dropped you a line hope you are working hard but not too hard What are you doing for excitement lately are you up on for north side any more If so what doing anything exciting

Well there isnt much doing over here except just loafing around and drinking a little beer guess I told you I am going to Japan next week sure am hoping for a good time but it sure is a job getting ready fun to turn in all my stuff and get flight clothes and ODs as I guess its a little colder there then it is here Sure wish it would cool off a little but ir doesnt seen to guess ought to be cold in Chicago by now huh

Still working at the club and like it very much

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have you heard from Vern as yet suppose so I wrote him a letter but as yet havent heard from him

Have you found out as yet when you an going to more up further north

Han is many she aught to be a full nurse by now or almost Well Donna guess I had better close as I am tending bar now and between serving and drinking the stuff myself will the lines arent first straight you know

Jim Casey

PFC James P Casey
th air Engineering Sydn
st air Service Grampe
APO to Post Master
San Francisco Calif

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