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6 March1946
exact date of 06 of March 1946
day of the month 06 March 1946
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1946
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago 13, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P Casey ASN 46073231
Fort Sheridan.


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U.S. Civil War
Passionate Romantic Love Letters.
World War One
World War 2

Dearest Donna

Well here I am at Fort Sheridan I am on hr Guard duty all I have to do is guard the barracks which is nothing really I tried to call you but you were not home Did you get my port Card I sure hope I can get a week end pass next week if I am still here I would like to see you then say hello to your folks and your dear little sister for me and as for you "love" the food is not so bad here

I think i am getting fat in fort but it is nothing like the merrygoround are you and George still going with hiny I dont have a mailing address yet But I hope to hear from you when I do Well are you still working at the Phone Co dont work to hard that is not like me h my back and feet But I guess I will get used to it pretty soonWell honey I guess I better get back to work or something I will call you if I get a pass


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