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27 April1946
exact date of 27 of April 1946
day of the month 27 April 1946
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1946
month of Aprildecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
1345 Columbia Ave, Chicago 26, Illinois.

From: PFC. Pune R. Brooks 36991754 Co. K. 331st Infantry
Cassau, Germany.


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Cassau Gu

Dearest Donna

Just received your most welcomed letter this evening so decided to answer immediately I just finished addressing an envelope and the maid came in and sure enough a letter from you Baby Im witting sorry from the bottom of my heart for not writing to you sooner but for the first six months it seems as though Ive been sick and in an out of the hospital that I even forget to write my mother Second the mail situation is something awful here I havent received ten letters since Christmas and that includes boxes etc

Just what do you mean by that statement where Im conceived you were always foolish I think Donna you better just better cross me off your list if thats

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your thinking Remeember Donna one time you told my mother that I were so different from th e rest of the boys you met Just from that Donna you speak ss tho you have many just how many I dont know Donna dont ful wad that I havent wrote you excuss if you were in my plave you would have done the same thing in fact I feel just like as a lost soldier and in fact you havent wrote me any too much

I expect to be home soon in fact very soon all men with ten years service as of June So we are to leave there out like before May the first so I hope Im next I just came back from the hospital yesterday so now Im on CQ this requires a Sgt job but yet Im on CQ this requires Sgt job but get Im on it doing my best Well baby I must close and write my mother Write soon

Love Verne
> As Ever Love sound much

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