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2 May1946
exact date of 02 of May 1946
day of the month 02 May 1946
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1946
month of Maydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P Casey 46073231 Spd SB12 Class 106 3704 AAF BU
Keesler Field, Mississippi.


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Dear Donna

Well here it is many and it sure is hot down here now it was degree today all I had to do was hr in the morning and hr in the afternoon of PJ slep the rest of the day I sure had a swell time on bevouan the night Proud was a Juke they were sipposed to gas and shoot at us but they did not have any gas or bullets all the other Sqd got it out sqd is the only sqd in the history of the field that did not get it

It was a little tough on the range as there were snames and Lizards and beez and such You some allagers in the gulf ft long I am going to new Onlins on a pass tonigth My buddy and I told the large we wanted to see out gals so he has us a hr pass whihch will give us plenty of time to paint the town Yesterday was payday aall there fullbully for nuts when the get money I did not get payed as tehy got it messed up so I have to got through the mill abd ave a check cashed I suppose I will hav to wait for mintues to get it cashed


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If I get a chance I will get a B for you if I dont I will soon as I can

The sqd is on shipping orders now and supose we will get shiped in a week or so but you can still write me at the same address I will get it

They are Sunday Jeeps in the camp and that is alot of men so they have to gte rid of us they are comming in by May th I hope I donte get permentatn pary here they are takiung the drifters for that tho and since I renlisted foor months I might go to school for wa whole and then over seqns but I hoope yrs right over seas then I will get a leave first I have a little houses in Chicago that I sure would like to striaighten up might get time to see you also

Got some Peppers from Mom today that I have to sign as I get home proptery when I am and that wont be too long I sure am getting to be an old man

How are you doing in Chicago are you having lots of fun with all the swabby How is Mary and the folks alsko I hear the wather is pretty good

They had a jet plance flying aroudn here today had all you cawed do to see it in fact it just went " " now all I heard was the boom Well I guess i had better close and puck my pass and get started my telephone apperter uis mud at me as I hvave been getiting passes and not telling her


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but I kind like New Orleans You remember Hance the girl I was going to marry Well I got a letter from her She is married now but is going to get a divorce she said she wished she would have looked me up even after what happened that she thought she would like to be the wife of an air copper man aint that something I am going to send her a wire tonight and tell her to tear my address up

Well Donna I must close now dont forget a picture


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