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28 May1946
exact date of 28 of May 1946
day of the month 28 May 1946
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1946
month of Maydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P Casey 46073231 Spd SB12 Class 106 3704 AAF BU
Keesler Field, Mississippi.


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Dear Donna

Well guess I will get two birds with one stone as I got a letter from Mary I got a lot of mail today as I had to take a train ride as guard on a troop train on account of the strike I bet you cant guess when I went to Texas yep Ameralo Texas to be right It is OK there the only thing there is a lot of green grass first like a lot of sand here the hills use very pretty too I would have sen a few cars but I could no to get off the rain had to eat a ration all the waty to and from the only thing was that my mouth sure was sire so I did not have too much to eat So sorry our marriage will have to wait to years So you are left all alone at home I suppose you muss the

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I suppose you will have to work hard to fix your meals wish I was there with all the KP I had I should be able to cook pretty good that is if you think you would like army food ha ha Well hun lunch are you all with telephone Co yet You all ought to be a getting a good passion there big now a getting a goof passion there be now I suppose you all is still the best looking gal behind the panels to SO you all done heard that curly is a coming home Well that she is a good news reason all his frop hom a line or so when he gets there he will get it About that name will hun that is a hard thing to do She would like to meet think you had better wait as it might be few You never can do tell he get back Then huy for all can sing Here come heasen again We is she is hat today soon as ap finish reason I will go to sleep as there is nothing to do until tonight Well guess I will close now

Love Jim

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