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12 July1946
exact date of 12 of July 1946
day of the month 12 July 1946
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1946
month of Julydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
930 West Cugler Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P. Casey 46073231 Spd R. 3705th AAF BU
Lowry Field Mo 1, Denver, Colorado.


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Dear Donna
Well honey guess its about time I droped you a line it is now at night Jim and I just cant go out tonight we are so tired we were out last night all with until this morning just driving around and all went to a couple small towns around Denver and all didnt really have much fun this Honey what have you been doing lately outside of sleeping speaking of sleep do you still sleep as much as you usual to that sleep until noon I know I do now It seems that all I do is sleep ad eat and go out when it comes to bed time Jim and I cant go to sleep so we go out and sleep all day When I get uout I am going to be so happy O wont know what to do I am getting tired of never now as I have been to every place in town and outside of it

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wish you would have come down maybe I could find something to do then are lots of gals down here and I have a small one here but she doesnt mean a thing first seen her for a couple nights but over the week end I supose Jim will copes me into taking her out They have to fairly nice dnace halls in Denver but nothing like the "augren" or Manygonhems so you put dont have much fun at anything after you go a couple times This morning comming back to never the morning Him and I puched upo to little hobby bix girls they said to soldiers took them out to aurorrow out side of town and thry got last from themWell we took them in town and we lied to never get rid of them they were afraid to go home and all an dwe being a soldier I took them up on the pirch and manty the hell and

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came to the door I told her aht happened she was glad and worted Jim and me to come up sometime but both of us are old enough to be their daddy and told her so well anyway when I was a t camp today I gave them a ring and "game" to soldiers that wer ein the BK

I was in the address I am waiting to see how the boy made out Well U havent hear from anybody as yet out die of an aunt or so which make no difference so I guess there isnt anymore to write home so guess I had better close When you write ask me some questions so I just cant find anything to write about Say hello to Mary and the folks and au

Love Jim
x x

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