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26 July1946
exact date of 26 of July 1946
day of the month 26 July 1946
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1946
month of Julydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
1345 Columbia Ave, Chicago 26, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P. Casey 46073231 Sqdn T - 9 OR.D 467-AAF BU
Kearns, Utah.


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Dear Donna
Well here I am fine and cloudy hope you are the same Well it was a short trip but some had fun as I was on a civilian train and with the club car and here an piterh it was grand come through the Rockies and passed through tunnels and at the trip if sum was cold but now that we re back to ft above sea level it is nice As you can see by the address this is the real thing but list of all tomorrow morning I start in my furlough so If I get to Chicago I will drop in and see you hope you were "son" a nite for me but dont go our of the wa and wait us I may not get there Have you heard from Viam he is back in the country so he told me Well this is almost the same kind of

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as Denver only no plane flying around you can almost reach out and teach the MT as we are in the foot hills Well then really isnt much to write hun so say hello to everybody and might see you soon

Lots of Love x

PVT James P Casey
Sqdn T

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