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22 September1947
exact date of 22 of September 1947
day of the month 22 September 1947
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1947
month of Septemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
6315 M Lakewood Chicago 40, Illinois.

From: PVT. James P. Casey 46073231 Air Force
APO 710 Mogoya, Tokyo, Japan.


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Mogoya Tokyo

Hi Donna
Well I first received a letter from you sure was surprised to hear from you and from the new odd O take it you had moved glad to hear that do you like it better than your other place is it a house or an apt explain This my surprise you but the Misses bought the mail to me this morning she asked me all about you so I dug down in my bag and showed her a picture of you and explained who you were and to my surprise she wasn a bit mad although I don

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see how she could be Well you mentioned about me coming home soon Well I won be home until I mass now as I first completed a day furlough in China the mrs liked it but I don care too much for china I was there when I first came overseas for a few days

I like Japan much better of course now that I have a wife I can fool around like I did the first time I came to Tokyo We get along just fine tho surprising to me ha ha Well I am going to the th Air Force now and go to Johnson field as an Inst in Radar on a new set which I myself don know too much about

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but the army thinks I know more abt it than the civilians and teck Reps You see I took an a YCT test and with the new radar test my score was and the next biggest was so guess I did OK with the exception that I did not know what the army was up to and they declared James P Casey essireial for months over discharged date it seem is going to seem funny me just a PFC teaching officers and all but for a EM I think I will make out OK accordingly to FEAD the th cont under stand why I moved to Staff Sgt and they could have disclosed me essentially longer than months and I don think I would have liked that a bit

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