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23 May1948
exact date of 23 of May 1948
day of the month 23 May 1948
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1948
month of Maydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Donna Joe Beer
6315 N Lakewood Chicago 40, Illinois.

From: Sgt. James P. Casey AF 46073231 93rd Maint Seep Gn Castle AFB
Merced California.


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Castle AFB
Merced Calif

Dear Donna
Well this is a heck of a way a place to be but ts near home if I stay in the state long enough I left Chanute Fld th May and am with the th air force I was kinda lucky in getting a ratting but the exam wasbt too stiff I put in for WO but it will take a little while before I can take an exam am not sure I can pass it sure would like to They have me flying as Radar Bombader its lots of fun but the main thing is more a month there is a round the world coming up am trying to get on it and think i will make it then get up in So Da for a few weeks I guess this will be the best thing for me for a while maybe it will straighten me up again and maybe I will feel more like working again when I get out

I thought for a while they were going to send me to the pacific again but got to Camp Storman and asked if I could stay near home and they said yes This palce sure lives up to it name as Castle it sure is clean and nice Well have your folks Say hello to them Hows Mary

When are you an Joe going to get married Let me in on the dope

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the weather is nice and warm here an the sun is hot when I don fly I have to work in a shop trouble shooting its kinda nice no heavy labor Well drop me a line if you get a chance

Sgt James P Casey AF
rd MaintSwp FrM
rd Main Sqdn
Castle AFB Merced Calif

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