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12 July1945
exact date of 12 of July 1945
day of the month 12 July 1945
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1945
month of Julydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Miss Judith Jones
6932 So.Bishop St., Chicago 36, Illinois.

From: PFC. George Steany 36364187 Hgs Co. Hgs Cond. 1st Service Platoon
UK base, APO 413 %P.M. NY, NY.


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Dear Judy
How is my best girl today Darling how I miss you but it won be long until we are together again So I am looking forward to it very much and as the time is drawing nearer the more anxious I l be coming to that great day gosh what a Christmas this is going to be

So Ive said before there is nothing new over here and all Im doing is waiting it out My brother I hear is going to school but were not even doing that all were doing is waiting The trouble is that theyre trying to make garrison soldiers out of us again You know inspections fire drills parades revels and bed checks I wonder if it will work

The weather over here is fine again the sun is shining as bright as ever and the girls are out as numerous as ever You should hear the wolf whistle every time a pretty one walks down the street As for me I wish youd come walking down the street youd hear me whistle

Cheerio Darling Ill be seeing you soon
Love and Kisses

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