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22 March1939
exact date of 22 of March 1939
day of the month 22 March 1939
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1939
month of Marchdecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: Mr Herbie Beyer
R.A.C.A. Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

From: Cleo


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Passionate Romantic Love Letters.
World War One
World War 2


Herbie Dearest

Thanks for your lovely letter It really was a short but I did enjoy reading it I really dont detest mushy letters dear but youre not use to writing them to me Work went OK Ill just have to get use to it thats all My hand is tired from writing at work but its never too tired to write to you sweet Tell your room mate that I sympathize with him He really must feel bad if he sheds tears

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After three years itEs a shame and nothing else

As for you feeling devilish thatEs nothing new IEm glad you didnEt have me to devilish You do too much when weEre together so as it is YouEre all wrong and you know I wouldnEt play devilish as you said with you honey Oh I shouldnEt have said honed it might make you think of someone else Perhaps you think of her too much anyway DonEt you

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You had to close because you were running out of words You always do at the most important times Youll probably hear from Jos before the week is out If not youll see him over the weekend I hope everything will go all right at Band rehearsal Thursday night Think of me when you go home to bed You know dear I just took time out to eat so I feel better now

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Gee sweet Im trying very hard to make this letter long and interesting but I really don know what else to say honestly From the time you read this scribbling Ill be counting the hours till we meet on Friday night if we do Although youre with me every hour its still too long till we meet

Greatest of Love Cleo

PS You forgot to tell me one important thing in your letter or maybe you wanted to forget


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