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9 January1941
exact date of 09 of January 1941
day of the month 09 January 1941
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1941
month of Januarydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mr Herbie Beyer
12y 2nd Ave, W. Reading, Pa.

From: C. Sumner,
Snowville, Virginia, USA.


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Snowville VA

My Darling

I guess you received my letter yesterday I bet you were disappointed too Im sorry darling please forgive me I miss you terribly Ill bet you dont miss me Your picture helps me a whole lot They all like your picture very much They think it looks just like you only youre a little thinner in the face Grandma is so proud of my picture The girls like it too Frances said she must will it to her
Janie is surprised that she is as

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good as she is She thinks it is because were here Im going to try to get her up walking this afternoon Janie thinks it will be all right See darling she has kidney trouble Her right kidney is enlarged very badly and there is nothing the Dr can do about it except operate and she is tool old for that

She took so much medicine already but it didnt help her so when she was at the hospital last the Dr didnt give her any medicine because she said it wouldnt help her He also said to give her anything to

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eat that she wants See this kidney swells up and when it reaches her heart the poison will kill her So thats her condition

Yesterday it was real nice here It wasnt cold at all They didnt have any snow as yet It was nice this morning but its blowing real cold now I guess it might snow

I have a job minding Roger Lee today so they can wash I spend most of my time up stairs with G Roger Lee is playing on the bed while Im writing this

Boy darling are the eats good Janie is going to send some biscuits

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and cornbread back for you

Why didnt you write Wed so Id hear from you today Maybe it take longer than a day I guess it does I dont know but maybe I might be home till the end of the week We hate to stay on Janie so long because they dont have any money

Mom is worried about everything Darling its and the mail man must have this before two So long my darling Popsie Keep my love Tell Gratton and Georgene we asked about them

Eternally yours

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