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21 February1943
exact date of 21 of February 1943
day of the month 21 February 1943
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1943
month of Februarydecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs H.K. Beyer
124 2nd Avenue, West Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

From: Private H.K. Beyer 13178657 1128 T.S.S 602, B.T.C. 9 FLT #602
Miami Beach, Florida.


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Dearest wife and M and P

I sorry that I had to cut that letter off like I did last nite but they the upper classmates call us out of our quarters at any time Its been practically all the time Theye really having their fun with us To tap it all off there all from Alabama Tennessee and Georgia and do they love to rub it in or us "Yankee" damn Yankees they call us It seems wee starting our fighting the civil war here first Well anyway darling Il try to take up where I left off yesterday Just as I was going to start on another page to your letter we

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were all called out lined up and told to stand at attention directly in front of our "upper classmen" A first Louie was in charge and did he make them upper classmen laugh at us We were ridiculed to death After that each one of them were given a detail of two men to do with whatever they pleased Luckily another fellow and myself clicked pretty well and the man in our charge had a soft heart in our charge had a soft heart so we ere only at it for about hours After that I was tried and I mean tried so I went right to bed This morning we all missed our breakfast and it definitely looked like a put up job OK well lunch is now only about hours away We were up at this morning and were<br>

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called out twice already and its only AM We had to learn how to sing this mornign and I mean sing at the top of your voice two songs Amy Air Corps song and another air force song when were not our having jerked around by the upper classmen were in restriction that means stay in your rooms not on your beds because the inspection officiers may arrive at any time now We havent been assigned any address permenent yet so dont attempt to write till I tell you Ill send it by airmail The felloes that have been here weeks say they expect to ship out anytime now where they dont know So far darling it looks very hopeless about you coming down<br>

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yet so don make any plans Know what and hear from some of the men upper classmen the liberty is something you don get there and that they swell life that your hear about in the army is just a lot of hooey I spoke to one fellow last night and hear that he been here days and hasn even seen the beach yet and wee only about block from it See I miss you darling but just missing you won do any good I guess Just sit tight until you hear from me and for goodness sake don worry I like it and it lots of fun Greet everybody for me and tell them theyl hear from me soon My cake was finished on the train but I still have the candles All those little priceless memories Well Bye Il write more later

My Darling and M and P
Love and Kisses

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