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4 March1943
exact date of 04 of March 1943
day of the month 04 March 1943
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1943
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs H.K. Beyer
124, 2nd Avenue, West Reading, Pennsylvania.

From: A/C/C PVT. H.K. Beyer 13178657 904 Training Group light #602, AAFTTC B.T.C #9
Miami Beach, Florida.


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Well we had another tough day on the "battlefield" today Calisthenics in the morning and plenty of drilling I getting pretty well toughened in on the grinds now My stiffness is leaving me and I can endure much longer "sprints" and more "push ups" This afternoons parade went on a little wet Just as we were about to swing in one of the tropical rainstorms hit Boy did we get wet We were all soaked to the skin After parade we marched home and changed clothing and went right out to mess After mess

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we were restricted to our rooms as usual for the evening The way we all feel it will be early to bed tonight about PM I found out that the hotel wee staying in was owned by Steward You know that Astrologer Drib and Sally were so crazy about in Atlantic city He sold it to the Government for It called the Ivory hotel and villas It consists of a group of very exclusive apartments that is before the army deglamorized them and a very exclusive hotel position Its all built very low about stories high but it spreads out over about a complete block Someday after the war