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7 March1943
exact date of 07 of March 1943
day of the month 07 March 1943
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1943
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs H.K. Beyer
124, 2nd Avenue, West Reading, Pennsylvania.

From: A/C/C Private H K Beyer #904 T.G. light #602, AAFTTC B.T.C #9
Miami Beach, Florida.


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PS Latest rumour darling is that were moving this coming Saturday night



I feel sort of sorry that I wrote that letter yesterday It was sort of rough I guess Anyway I hope not darling just read it over and think everything over very carefully then forget it and dont get mad at me The way I miss you all the time Im sort of sorry I wrote it now I was just in a sour mood I guess I wrote a very strong letter to my parents too They were missing me and Auxels were teasing them again I told them to follow in your footsteps a little I told them how brave you are

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Last night we had open post again and Frederick came to visit me along with two other sages The fellows my room mate were half scared and didnt know what to do so they "popped to" come to attention Did we laugh You know were have so much "punishment" from sergeants that were all half scared of them Frederick seems to be in a very good shape He was with two nice fellows too I believe his personality has changed By the way dearest Ill answer some of your questions now We eat three meals a day on mess hits and am beginning to like it I think the grease or the caustic soda that they

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PSS Love and Greetings to everyone

the mess kits in is the cause of the GI Blues Ive been scrubbing my mess kit personally after every meal so I havent gotten them yet Some of them had it so bad they had to go on sick call to the infirmitry I got over my injections very well My vaccinations is taking beautifully Its about as long as a dime It got a little sore but I didnt mind it I havent been writing my parents more than about letters a week Id like to write you my dear three letters a day my parents two and your parents and everybody else but Im too busy No matter how busy I am dearest Ill write your once a day

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Usually darling Im with everybody When Im off post Im with the fellows from Potherstown or that married man from Bryn Mowr Were have so little open post dear that theres really not much to talk about I havent heard from Laurence yet I wish he would send me my checks soon doggonit Darling please rush your picture to me with "eternally yours" on it down here right away darling I cant stand not seeing you any longer There are very few women here on the post only authorised ones and officiers wives There are quite a few up the beach further Darling every girl I see makes me feel sick inside I miss you so much We had a swim detail this afternoon the first swim and was it nice This evening Im going to buy presents and look up Frederick By now my precious darling I love you wuth all my heart

All my love

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