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18 March1943
exact date of 18 of March 1943
day of the month 18 March 1943
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1943
month of Marchdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: Mrs H.K. Beyer
124, 2nd Avenue, West Reading, Pennsylvania.

From: ACC Herbert Beyer 904 Training group: Flight 602, Basic training center No.9 A.A.F.T.T.C
Miami Beach, Florida.


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Regards to all the folks

My precious darling
I love you

Well Im now participating in another one of those army surprise maneuvers We started our guard duty at am this morning Our day consisted of drilling with rifles and lectures on the new type guard duty that we are performing tonite "beach guard"

We are instructed to "halt" an intruder three times and shoot to kill We carry real live ammunition My shift goes on at to pm and midnight to am Were allowed to walk barefooted and without ties and we can walk two man to a post Im going to walk with the fellow from Pottstown Were the squadron is

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up into three "reliefs" so when one shift goes off another will come on

Darling I received two of your letters today on duty Your letters dearest are really a wonderful inspiration to me I read them over and over and just imagine Im talking to you You said darling that I could have had you with me Thats true in a way dearest but dont you think it would have been kind of foolish First of all it would have cost a fortune and we couldnt have been together enough to make it worthwhile

And again darling personally I dont think I could have stood the grind without retaining certain vital strength giving fluids You know what I mean dearest dont you Im glad you like your job and all darling but dont hurt your pretty little hands Id give anything to hold one now Be careful how you pick up and

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those sharp pieces Theres a certain knack to it that keeps you from hurting your hands at all I know from experience And whatever you do darling do it exact and precise If you dont some soldier may lose his life I only wish every civilian worker could taste a month of the army Im telling you they would work a little differently than they do in all respects Ive found that out darling One more thing about work my precious remember how we both feel about talking to other fellows and girls Well the fellows part goes for you and of course girls for me You asked in your letters how the boys get to talk to girls Well my dear there are a few boys in PX and theres a pier where some of

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dance friends go occasionally where there are some "bike boys" and so on So far I havent gone there simply because I am not interested As far as PX goes I only talk to them when I have to Darling I miss you so much I just couldnt talk to anyone else Darling another thing dont get any funny ideas that we are all something down here

All we are and all we wear is just like the regular "buck ass private in the army" The only difference is that they call us mister instead of private and our title is Aviation Cadet Candidate Private By the treatment we get we often think we must be lower than a private Dont worry though darling when the proper time comes Ill be on top I dont want to let you down cause youre what Im fighting for

Darling I just thought of something I want to tell you before I forget it If you really like your job and want to go back you should get a

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of absence from TMW instead of quitting do you hear Make as though you just want to leave temporarily to be with me until Im shipped too far away and then come back If you want my advice dont join any service Get the SPARS Marines etc out of your head You can do much more good making range finders and money for us after the war than in the service That in my opinion is the wisest thing to do Oh well well have plenty of time to talk that over yet so we wont worry about it yet Well dearest Ill add more to this letter and mail it tomorrow nite I dont have any stamps and no way of getting any Bye Bye my sweet

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

Darling here I am again about a day later That guarding the beach was quite something No one found it necessary to use any of their ammunition but one thing did happen that was a little exciting First the story was a little distorted The story was that a blonde had washed in on a life raft Finally the truth was that a life belt had washed ashore and several crates of fruit I actually saw them although it didnt happen on my post There must be quite a tale connected with the life belt but well never know it I guess The stories go that survivors in life boats came ashore already and burning ships were seen and reported Also a mine containing

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of TNT When it washed ashore the guard it was told was going to fire a shot at it Later and very luckily for him he reported it and didnt shoot A mine like that could kill everything within a yard radius

It really is exciting because you are automatically on the alert all the time expecting anything to happen As daylight came we became beach combers instead of beach guards

I found some very beautiful conch shell and some coral All in all I got about hours sleep in intervals Im really

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We got home about pm Friday evening had mess and mail call took a bath finished my darlings letter and as soon as I mail it my precious I going to bed and dream of you

We e expecting our shipping orders any hour now Just think of that darling we ll soon be together Take good care of yourself get rid of your cold and have an early period this time for our sake Darling I take all the care in the world of myself I take a bath every day and am very careful when I sit on the toilet I try to be very sanitary and keep our little Herby in the best of health You do the same darling will you I love you and miss you very very very much my dear and still cant wait till I can hold you tight again Well good nite my sweetheart

All my love

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

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