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9 November1945
exact date of 09 of November 1945
day of the month 09 November 1945
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1945
month of Novemberdecade of the 1940s.
1900s century

To: LT. Herbert Beyer
Gen. Del. Lincoln Nebraska.

From: Linda and Cleo
365 22nd Street, Mount Pennslyvania, Reading.


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If you get this Fri don read it as it supposed to me Sat letter

Wed pm
My Dearest Darling
Did you forget to mail the letter you wrote on the th it was post marked th Still no news I get so disgusted with the waiting probably because I am so anxious and ready to jump any minute It just as bad for you too isn it darling Linda slept from to I slept from to she wanted to come out she running around here with Mam Lou year old as I sit on the porch and write It been beautiful all week just like spring or indoor summer Darling I didn take any more pictures as I am waiting till you get home Some of the things she did today already rained in her pottie and upset it two different times all over the kitchen floor She doesn eat unless she has something to play with so she threw a jar on the floor and broke it to pieces She so naughty and no one helps me correct her she listen much better to anyone else I just not stern enough with her I guess Il let you do that huh <br>

As soon as she finished eating she has to go off the hair chair and just pull and hang on me or else grab after everything Today she grabbed into the cakes so I really spanked her and sat her on a chair and not to get down Well she really cried I don know which hurt more the spanking or her feelings then she pointed with her finger and said damn Some kids come to the door then she got down She takes the tray off her