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24 February1870
exact date of 24 of February 1870
day of the month 24 February 1870
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1870
month of Februarydecade of the 1870s.
1800s century

To: Mrs. Addie E Tuttle
Marshall, Michigan (Care of C.R. Cook Boy 403).

From: George Tuttle
Paw Paw, Michagan.


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Paw Paw Feb th

My Dear Wife
I went to town yesterday and found your letter waiting for me I was so glad to get it and find out you arrived all safe I had thought about you a good deal and wondered what you would do if George shouldnt meet you It seems as though you have been gone an awful long time already I now hear that you are thinking about staying weeks I am sure I dont know how I will stand it I came to very near freezing the first two nights Had to get the feather bed down and think now I shall be able to live

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through it unless we have an unseen cold snap I dont know if I shall come down and come home with you unless something lucky happens Some rich Uncle dies and leaves me a few dimes or I can find some hidden treasure I cant sell any Potatoes and so cant get any money So you see I am in a fix I might perhaps borrow some but dont hardly think it best I would like first rate to go if I can manage if anyway I will come next week Saturday I will write so you can get the letter next Thursday Now my Dear I have a little bit of news to tell you Something quite unexpected has happened that is I did not think it would happen so soon I knew it was expect but nevertheless I was surprised I guess you will be too Most everybody

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else was now then you must be getting anxious and so I will tell youWell we have got a new comer in the neighborhood Mrs Douglafs has got a baby a girl it was born Monday night about two oclock Ed came over just before dark and gave me warning to be prepared to be called out to go for the Doctor and sure enough about oclock he came and away I went for the Doctor and brought him back in the buggy with me by oclock

I was in there yesterday and saw the new comer Its what I call a nice little baby weighs lbs Mrs Douglafs is getting along nicely she intended to have washed Monday but got fooled completely She has a widow Lady helping her this week a sister of Miss Tracy next week Sarah Tracy comes This lady and Mrs Hedges were with her Monday night She is very anxious

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to have you come home so as to come and see her I have been after lumber today and it makes me fell rather dumfish to night not much like writing But I want to get this off to morrow so you can get it Saturday I shall go for lumber again Saturday if it donstorm We bought that Hay of Buckly and have got it home it was a capital good bargain There was over three ton and we got it for I wish I had my Precious Wife and Baby with me tonight I like them ever so much and shall be ever so glad when they get home again No More tonight
Elsie for her Pa Pa

Love and Kisses
For Pet from her George

Remember me to all I will come out for you if I can

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