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8 June1918
exact date of 08 of June 1918
day of the month 08 June 1918
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1918
month of Junedecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mother and Dad Driscoll
Dubique, 159 Kaufman Avenue.

From: Private Lewis Driscoll First Recuit Company
Fort William, Maine.


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does he think the job will bring Say do you know what division of the army Herb is in I know he would be glad to hear from me So find out what division of the army is in for me and how to address the mail I would love to know Ben Baughs address he was down in Mexico but what he enlisted in I dont know Maybe Erwin could find out By going to Steffens store he would be able to get both Bens and Herbs

We are kept good and busy every day This week we are going to start taking hikes We have been on some but they are going to give us our "Packs" and then for the good work outs But it sure makes a fellow feel good The only thing is that one is ready to go to bed good and early Lots of

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when it is nine oclock and lights go out and time to got to bed I think gee it is only back home and generally I would be just about ringing up Bill to go to the city But now it is in bed at the old time There is a difference of in your time and ours So you can look at the clock about and say to yourself that poor little Lewis is now going to bed away up in Maine It was hard at first to live up to the life to go when you are supposed to get in bed early But dont hardly notice it anymore Well Mother I have to go to post now But will write tomorrow Remaining
Your Loving Son

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