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29 June1918
exact date of 29 of June 1918
day of the month 29 June 1918
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1918
month of Junedecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mother and Dad Driscoll
Dubique, 159 Kaufman Avenue.

From: Private Lewis Driscoll First Recuit Company
Fort William, Maine.


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Fort William Maine

Dear Mother Dad
Letters arrived yesterday and was very pleased to receive it But if Aunt Kate has sent that box I have not received it as yet Maybe she put the wrong address on it I sure would of liked to see Uncle George Wish he knew that I was up here while he was up in this country Would of been a treat to have on the family come up here and call

Well Mother we are all feeling fine and dandy and nothing to kick about Having a good time always But always know what kind of good time to have and when

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have them We all have to be very careful more so than in civilian life So dont worry about me in regard to my good times they are always cared on with in the laws of military life
The weather here has been very disagreeable the last few days and at present we have one of our famous fogs and we sure do have some good heavy fogs We dont have very much of summer up here like back home but the people claim it is warm In the daytime the sun is sometimes warm but not hot and every night we all could wear our over coats I sure am making good use of army sweater Have been wearing it all the time

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We are all hoping that they move us out of this "Fort" to some one nearer the States before the summer is over so we will be able to enjoy a bit of summer and also that we want to be here to eat snow back this winter Wish Dubique was located where at branch of "Coast Artillery" was needed so a felllow could get a furlough that wouldnt take a week to get home Wrote Hazel but no answer tell her if she doesnt write often I will call off our engagement How is Hazel and Carl hope they are both well and enjoying the summer Has Carl had his vacation Thought probably being on account of his wealth he would take a trip

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here and see Portland Maine It is some place to see Guess and hope that everybody around through the relation are all well But poor old Ted has his troubles with the neighbor kids coming to Driscolls house trying to take his place Tomorrow is Muster and today was the regular weekly inspection which he could have every Saturday but Muster is held once a month that falls on the last day We are going to receive some new clothing soon About time the uniform we were issued at Hefferson Barracks is still on us and worn every day and then they wonder why