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30 July1918
exact date of 30 of July 1918
day of the month 30 July 1918
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1918
month of Julydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mother and Dad Driscoll
Dubuque, #259 Kaufman Avenue.

From: Private Lewis Driscoll First Recuit Company
Fort William, Maine.


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Fort William Maine

Dear Mother and Dad

Received your letter today and was waiting for it some time Also glad to hear that you have received my letters

Well I received a card from Hazel but hadnt had time to answer her letter also lost it and forgot her address So when you write her tell her I received both letters and card but will write her as she returns home

Dont get worried when you dont hear from me once in a few days because we are not leaving here as yet but we are kept good and busy every day and sometimes I a pretty tired almost too tried to write

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will write every chance I get But want to be able to write any more until I receive some stamps I had to borrow the one to send the letters Did you receive letters about underwear pills and money Tell Dad to send it soon Also to tell Bill OBrien answer in regard to cigarettes soon

How is Dad and his new job getting along I hope he will prove successful The weather here has been extremely hot And we go hiking every day and when we return we are all good and wet with preparation The reason is we wear woollen shirt and woollen uniform So send underwear so I can have enough to take a bath every day and put on dry and wash out and have another

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next day We have been hiking and miles every morning We start every morning at and came back at or But it sure is doing us all good

Glad to hear that Ollie is able to go back to work How is Ray Is he coming home soon About that swimming suit give it away I dont want it Clyde

When you receive those pictures of the battery be sure and let one know so I will be abler to inform our commander of the fact Because the photographer is supposed to post those pictures to all address who wish one Dad can have it place in a plane Also try to get me a couple of pairs of heavy woollen socks They are good for hikes

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I have never heard from the Aunts but I should shortly I am writing this letter in my pillow on my lap Some job so try and shape the best of it Please write often as I will try to answer when ever the time permits Remaining

You Loving Son

With loads of love

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