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24 October1918
exact date of 24 of October 1918
day of the month 24 October 1918
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1918
month of Octoberdecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. D.H. Driscoll
259 Kaufman Avenue, Dubique, Iowa, U.S.A.

From: Private Lewis Driscoll Battery B; 72 Artillery C.U.C, American Expeditionary Forces


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Somewhere in France

Dear Mother & Dad
A line every day if possible so they want amount to very much But just a word to you all Well today it rained all day But the day was made pleasant by viewing two letters One from Raymond and one from Jay Euster of the telephone office It sure was a treat to read a line in their letters Telling about all the old bunch of fellows

I was more pleased to read Rays letter and to hear that he was well again He told me all about Ben and Mabel and that he had a good job I wrote Bill Powers today So guess he will be getting his letter

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the same time you receive this One of the Dubuque boys that is with me received a letter from his folks today with a clipping from the Dubuque paper with his picture and two of his brothers His name is Taylor guess you must of seen it So thought I would let you know that he is with the same bunch I am Well if I write everyday you must be receiving mail almost every week and maybe sooner So keep up the spirits by answering them all Will also try to answer Ray and Jays letter tomorrow

Ray wrote saying that the papers were full of war talk back in the States Has Dad seen to it to have papers sent over here The way that I will receive them is to have the paper offices send them direct As the old story is I am fine and dandy and in the best of health Also Ray and the rest are fine and dandy

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Ray wrote saying that the Naval Training Station in Chicagos Band was in Dubuque again

Did you see them Suppose they were some dandy site to look at I remember when back home and I would watch a parade of soldiers and the band playing it always makes a person feel like he could go though fields Well we have a large regiment band with us and of all the marching we do guess the old feeling will still remain Suppose you are home alone write a bit of being Hazel is at the office every day Well go as much as possible help to pass away the long days

I know how it is When a person sites around doing nothing They begin to wonder this and that But never worry about me I understand that it is natural for a Mother to think think think especially at the present time

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dont worry about me As we are alright and good place to sleep and plenty to eat This way cant last much longer Well Mother as this is all that I can think of today Will close Give my regards to all Closing with loads of love I remain

Your loving Son
Private Lewis Driscoll
Battery B Artillery CUC
American Expeditionary Forces

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