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26 January1919
exact date of 26 of January 1919
day of the month 26 January 1919
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1919
month of Januarydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. D.H. Driscoll
Dubique, 159 Kaufman Avenue.

From: Private Lewis Driscoll First Recuit Company

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On Active Service
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interested her. Guess she finds Dad a fine boss to have to work under. Yesterday the 25th we were given an order to wear our six months service strips. Bright and early in the morning, there sure were a bunch of gold stripes on the scence. We landed the 20th of Aug in England so we have passed six months over here. Well Mother we all know that before another six month have passed the army life will be a thing of the past for us all. Most likely this letter will arrive in the States before I do. But will are you the first chance after we landed. But nowhere we land we don;t know. Will also wire from Camp Grant for some change. Will surely have to have alterations made on my uniforms. But don't stop answering until you hear that I

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have for sure landed in the States. So will bring the note to its close. Will loads of love. I remain

Your Loving Son,
Private Lewis Driscoll,
Bat B; 72 Art G.A.C.
Am. Ex. Forces

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