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18 March1919
exact date of 18 of March 1919
day of the month 18 March 1919
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1919
month of Marchdecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. Chas. Scripture
Mils, Maine, U.S.A.

From: Corporal W B Scripture 328th Infantry Company, American Expeditary Forces
St. Morillon, France.


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St Morillon France

Dear Folks

I received your letters from you this week the latest one was Feb and found me in the best of health and hope you people are the same The country were we are now is very pretty The fruit trees are in bloom You see palm trees and bamboo trees and see large grape vine yards as this part of the country is all they raise There is an old castle here built in I am going out to

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I received Ruth and the children pictures which was very good would like to see them You ask about paper YM CA give us all the paper we want I got some oysters off a Frenchwoman so am going to have oyster stew tomorrow We expect to start for home next month We are a short way from Bordeaux where we sail from

So you see we will be home soon When I came from the hospital I went Le Mans where the division is now I have been about all over France from the northern part to the southern

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When we came to this place I rode in a German car they took over I rode in a box car to a first class coach some class When I get back I will tell you all so I dont want to tell you all in a letter because I want to have something to tell

I dont know what I will do when I get but be a sport as Ray says that what he is going to her when he a man Well have to sign off for this time Hoping to hear from you soon

Your Son Scripture Corporal

Inf Company Army Expeditionary Force

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You get our mail sooner now being so near the coast Give my regards to all hope to see you all soon

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