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5 May1919
exact date of 05 of May 1919
day of the month 05 May 1919
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1919
month of Maydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Corporal Ward B Scripture
New York, APO 742.

From: Mrs C.W. Scripture 328th Infantry Company, American Expeditary Forces
Mils Maine, Box 107.


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Gale had a letter from Wrimi he said he got a letter from you I hope he gets home soon Feda has come to Bangor visiting Milo Maine and has had the mumps and she was real sick with them

May th

My Darling Boy
Just a note to let you know that we are all fine and hope you are the same I havent wrote once in the last weeks and I feel that I ought to keep writing till I know that you are across Carol Gould has got home he and Ray Hamlin came Saturday and Elmer Jenkins has come Carol was in to see me this afternoon he says he can

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make it seem real that he is home for good he said that he heard that the was going right in when they came out He said that they had to stay there three weeks after they got there He said they got so tired waiting and I asked him if he was going to look for a good long while and he said yes

He had been thinking and planning on going a fishing for two months and now he was going I told him that was what you was planning on Chris

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working night and day in his Garage he seems to like fine Mr Deane was in tonight he said they had a letter from Forest today he said that he was going to start for home right a way he is in Germany Nelson McNaughton is dead he was buried today they said he had Consumption

I was down to Ruths yesterday the baby seems as pleased to see me Ruth said that she had put them both to bed the other night and the phone rung and Albert thought

Help share history. Find an untranscribed letter and click the edit button in the top left corner of the text area.

rung to so he out of bed and went down stairs and to the phone and says hello is this your name He wont talk with anyone only me he sounds so cute when he talks if seem so good to hear Ruth where I can got to her now if you only get home and will be alright Have I wrote since I got your letters dated April th You said you were going to Paris did you go I was afraid you would and get left behind

You said you had some wooden shoes Mrs Harking had some Well old darling I must close and go to bed hoping I will see you before long Heaps of love and a kiss Write soon

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