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1 May1865
exact date of 01 of May 1865
day of the month 01 May 1865
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1865
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Hannah Bettes
Saccarappa, Maine.

From: Charles F. Bettes Musician - Ward One
Camp Berry, Portland, Maine..


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Brother ChasFBettes
Camp Berry Portland Maine
Ward One

Camp Berry April th

Dear Sister
I received your letter and was glad to hear from you and that you are all well I have got over my deafness but have not been too well for the last four or five days but I feel better today If father has spoken to Mr Bradbury already its alright but if he has not tell him he needn because I expect to go to Gallops Island this week Most all of the men have gone up There is only ten men in the ward I stopped in and not many in any of the other wards There may be such a thing as one not having

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to go to Gallops Island for they are a going to discharge all the men in the Hospital and I think they will discharge the men in camp before they will send them off at any rate I bet I shant be in the army a year You need not talk about my being homesick Perhaps I may not be so homesick as you think I am I think I content myself as well as any of them Where is Jo Does he stay up to the House any or does he stay home Where else Did he act as though he missed me I should like to see him all is keep him at home until I get home for I want to see him once more Aunt

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was in here last Thursday and I see her but she did not act as though she wanted to see me very much and so I went up to my ward If they dont want to see me I dont care it dont matter much to me anyway While me and Jo were in here they did not take much notice of me They took more notice of some of the others but I dont care for that I guess I passed away the as happy as they did You need not say anything about this I cant think of any more to write So good luck

From your brother
Charles F Bettes

Write soon

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