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19 May1933
exact date of 19 of May 1933
day of the month 19 May 1933
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1933
month of Maydecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: David Hintz
C.C.C.Co 195, Fort Lincoln, North Dakota.

From: Ellen S. Tiveet Teacher
New Leipzig North Dakota.


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New Leipzig North Dakota

My dear David
I am going to do a very sinful thing write a letter in school time That accounts for the elegant stationary and I hope youll excuse it

I was very pleased to hear from you In fact I thought that your letter was so interesting and well written that I read it before the assembly I hope that you dont mind

Play day was a howling success nice weather beautiful May Fete fair track meet excellent play and a genuine stampede for a dance all contributed towards the entertainment and pleasure of our guests You should see the variety of sunburns we

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have with us today tho every shade from turkey red to pale pink and tan I suppose you heard of the postponement from Friday until Tuesday I wont go into detail because no doubt you will hear about it from any number of sources

A small pox epidemic threatend our fair city and everyone is shaking in their shoes for fear hell be the next victim It certainly is unfortunate to have sickness coming just before exams The teachers are actually praying that well escape at least until we have our respective destinations

The seminars are very busy these days This afternoon the juniors are giving a picnic for them

Take a short break with our 1 minute survey, simple questions that are an enjoyable distraction.

exams start Tuesday evening class night and Wednesday evening commencement I suppose I am making you positively ill by telling you all this

Have you been dreadful homesick I hope not After you get accostumed to being away I feel sure that you will truely enjoy it I think it is a fine oppertunity for you especially during these times when it is so very difficult to get work Thank you for your many good wishes You know that you have all the good wishes of the NS pupils and the faculty

I should enjoy hearing from you again David so whenever you feel so

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please dont hesitate to send a few lines

Do you see the other new Leipzig boys Give them my kindest regards please I hope all of you are enjoying your new experiences immensely

Ellen S

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Made Only By
Clarinda Iowa USA

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