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21 June1933
exact date of 21 of June 1933
day of the month 21 June 1933
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1933
month of Junedecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: David Hintz
C.C.C.Co # 795, Indian Digging, El Dorado Co., California.

From: Eithel Lewis
Elgin, North Dakota, Box L.


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Elgin North Dakota

Dear David

Your certainly are a long way off arent you I received your letter Saturday nite and at first I couldnt figure our who it was from

Boy of all the swell that you were able to see I l bet it was interesting I just came home east Thursday Haven been home a week yet just days If you e got us heat for out there it must be awful cause last weekend was almost unbearable It rained yesterday and today so things have off considerably now Paus over in Elgin now I see the kids just

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every day They like it quite well I guess Yesterday morning we went to the funeral of Joseph Ackerman in N Leipzig He was drowned last Thursday couldnt swim at all and got into water ten feet deep The younger Bathers were with him and then they him not to out but less he did and all they could do was stand and see him drown So sad too They then hitched their team and instead of going right to Charle Des a Boues farm they drove all the way to town and talked to their folks Then some NL men went out and found his body It was a good hour by then already was bad
Goodness Elgin

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is a dead place There doesn seem to be much to do There is a dance here this Friday so I sure hope that it a nice one Saturday nite A bunch of us went on to Had lots of fun You know Day Don Jackson don you Well he and Roberta Rogers have just been married

May Trash has been in the hospital at Bismarck The had a leg computatede Hebert is home now She is just fine now tho Rev Bruntsch was quite but guess he is improving He is in the Bismarck Hospital tooLe Ray Caus is in Lexus with weeks They left memorial day They were going to Chicago too understand Quite a few of the fields here were badly burned before the rain came

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week They certainly needed rain badly here

Harold has a new bicycle now so Im going to see if I can learn to ride the thing Hope I can succeed Were going to celebrate the th of July down here on the river & Framers Union Picnic Itd be just like it to rain that day Do you fellows get that day off or not

Well David There is not much news here in Elgin this time but maybe next time I l have more to write about Was real glad to hear from you Write when youre not too busy I hope I get your address straightened out


PS I am spelling your last name right huh

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