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14 August1933
exact date of 14 of August 1933
day of the month 14 August 1933
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1933
month of Augustdecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: David Hintz
Co 795, Camp Indian Diggs, California.

From: Fred Kurle
New Leipzig, North Dakota.


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New Leipzig N Dakota

Dear David
I recieved your letter some time already but did not get to answer sooner I am glad you are getting on as well as upi are Indeed I think that you can congratulate yourself for having a steady job These times there are alot of men that simply can not get a job of any kind very little crop no rain all summer on May when that tornada swept this country we had a shower and on July with a few minor spinkles is all the rain we had all summer

This is the hottest and driest summer we got in the last years suppose you heard of the Fred Hintz boys having an auto accident they collided with another car on JW No I did not talk to them personally but heard their car is badly demolished You mention in your letter of your money

I received cheques so far the first one for and two for each I deposited it in the Bank so David Hintz and if I knew that you dont expect to use it for some time I could buy county warrants which bear they are as good security as can be bought but you cannot always get the cash on short notice unless at the bank and they discount you may advise me as to your plans for the future and what you

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everyone is quite well around here so far of course we have hard times ahead I mean a hard winter possibly the hardest we put in this county hardly any future little hay and corn badly damaged by the grass hopper pest Cattle can hardly be given away any more as cows dont pay freight to market tho we are still alive and the good Lord we believe also is above us yet and so we join the old folks of the past who used to Sing theres a better day a coming Suppose there are not many boys in the camp that you know I suppose I have to close for this time


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