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14 May1928
exact date of 14 of May 1928
day of the month 14 May 1928
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1928
month of Maydecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. E.J. Jordan Bell
4 Rotton Park Rd., Edgbaston, Birmingham.

From: Teddy Bell Pupil
Fairfield School, Malvern, England.


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Fairfield School

Dear Grandma

Thank you very very very much for the CA note I am jolly pleased with it We had a lovely sermon today you would love to have heard it It was by a man from the South African Railway Mission I am playing centre forward in the matches We are having our first match against Hill School on their ground on Wednesday next

Mr Bartlelt one of our masters gave a bobs worth of tuck and I was given a little animal by a boy and I suppose you know what mummy gave me CA from the Greens and from duty naval in

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I am today I am getting quite an old man Please give my love to everyone including yourself

With love from

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