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21 February1932
exact date of 21 of February 1932
day of the month 21 February 1932
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1932
month of Februarydecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. E.J.J. Bell
4A Rotton Park Rd., Edgbaston, Birmingham.

From: Teddy Edward Jordan Bell Student
Fairfield School, Malvern, England.


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Fairfield School

My Dear Mummy
Thank you very much for the card and letter I was very anxious about Jean but was very relieved to receive your letter What did you mean when you said "it seemed terrible" in your letter Was Jean very ill or grown so fat that she looked like bursting or she kept on going in and out Poor little woman But still it is all over now isnt it Never mind about the Vet bill I will pay half and you the half "I MEAN IT" Did you drown the bitch or keep her I should love to see the puppies I dreamt about them the other night I forgot what they looked like though I should imagine that Jean had been with Bertie or Horace by the description of them you said they had got some brindle in them didnt you that would be Jean and the black and brown would

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be Bertie or Horace In the PS you wrote you said Jean has just come into the lounge I thought she would have been with her puppies or had she left them for a bit So glad to hear that Jean is progressing well I hope you had a nice time at the Pink How were the boots and skates We have played several games of footer lately The new master can run but he is as clumsy as an ox and his shooting is as erratic as that of a man with two wooden legs He has already hacked me and fallen over me All accidentally of course But he is very sorry if he ever does anything like that Says hes sorry about times and means it I bust the footer we used to play with on the court or on the cork on Saturday I have bust two footers this term so far I may bust three before long The first one I bust I took a soching great kick and put it in the field where it landed on a spiked fence and went off with a loud pop

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The seemed one I took a terrific at a post which had lots of sharp pieces of wire on it The ball landed on one of these and and started to go down with a loud hissing sound I will now draw you a picture of Jean with here three remaining babies

Is that so
This is how my margines thought me to salute
your nose

Jean teaching a very naughty puppy how to salute The puppy is trying to be a yank and as far as I can see is succeeding

How do you like the picture of yourself Isnt the nose like yours The other day Mr Winkle lent us a lot of his records They are jolly good You know the song Mr Green thought me to sing "There was an old sow and she had an old pig and you most male another noise and whistle We have got that one I am afraid I cannot think of anything more to say Please give my love to Grandma

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and show the picture of Jean and tell her I hope shes not offended with it Shall write your card when I recieve my letter "Dont forget it" as you say

With love from Teddie

PS Tell Grandma I am waiting for her card I have not received it yet TB

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