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13 March1938
exact date of 13 of March 1938
day of the month 13 March 1938
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1938
month of Marchdecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. E.I.J.Bell
11 Evelyn Court, Cheltenham .

From: Teddie Edward Jordan Bell
Royal Military College, Camberley, Surrey, England.


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Royal Military College

My Dear Mummy
Thanks so much for your letter So you know roughly the story of "Murder on the Second Floor" We had a second rehearsal so far and have been all through the I and III Acts which incidentally I am on the stage from beginning to end We are doing Act II on Wednesday

Mrs Matthews my opposite is in bed with flu at the moment so I am playing with an understudy Juliet Colville sister to Rosalind and Dingy who Jeff and I took on the river

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I really dont know whether the artillery denomination are on the films or not Our FGS has got a few photos on it I am on one of them but I look so awful and the photo costs so I dont think I will buy it
I am still waiting to hear from Bramwell Davies who in his turn is waiting to hear from Col Yonichs I will let you know as soon as I hear We saw the "Last of the Mohicans" at the Warley Bham Surely you remember it about the American Civil War One of the women in it reminded you of Betty Allison
Orderly Sergt is pretty important

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has a devil of a lot to do practically runs the cry for a week I have got to fit in rehearsals as well also some work for the half term tests so I look like being busy
I saw the Cheltenham Races on the news Patte baguette yesterday I looked for you and Grandma but couldnt see you So sorry to hear you lost but still if you will bet Yes we have certainly seen Barry March in several films "The Last of Mrs Cheyney" is very good I saw the film with Joan Crawford William Powell and Robert Montgomery Hugh ought to have a wizard

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flying over to Benny lucky devil I wouldnt mind joining him though with the present upset the only thing he is likely to fly over benny in is a bomber

If Hitler decides to enter Czechoslovakia the present senior division here will pass out within the next month which would mean no Easter mess no June ball and I should be likely to be posted to any unit All very annoying so I hope he keeps out of it

I saw Annabella in "Dinner at the Ritz" yesterday She is wonderful and I am longing for her next picture still under production to be finished and generally released

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Am going to see "Winterset" with Burgess Meredith and Margo at the RMC Theatre this evening It is all about the back streets of New York very grim and morbid I dont think you would like it and Im afraid the RMC as a whole wont either I have seen it once or nearly all of it glad to come out before the end It is interesting dramatic and I enjoyed it very much or rather I was very much interested by it We start our shooting test romorrow I hope I can retain my marksmans badge The time seems to be flying by we have got exams in a forthnights time and then a holiday

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

I had a letter from Joy today she says she is looking forward to the June ball I am going to book a room for here at Harcourt House hotel in the near future Our Tattoo tickets are fairly definitely on June th now a Saturday so I will book a single room for you as well then That is rather a good day really because I am free from am on the Saturday and we can muck about till the evening On the Sunday you can see a Church Parade and go to the Seroine then I am free till pm You would go back Monday morning then so shall I book for two nights Let me know what you think I really dont think there is

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more to say I had a letter from KBone saying she would be delighted to come down on Saturday after Easter which is a relief because I am quite busy enough before Easter without showing fond aunts the sights of the RMC She says she has had a kind letter from you and you are so sweet to write to her Have you been writing much to her She actually called me Teddie which is rather a stout effort for the old girl but I refuse to sign myself Edward Well I must close now please give my love to Grandma and Jean

All my love to you

PS am enclosing

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