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12 March1939
exact date of 12 of March 1939
day of the month 12 March 1939
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1939
month of Marchdecade of the 1930s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. E.I.J.Bell
11 Evelyn Court, Cheltenham.

From: Edward Bell
Badajos Barracks, Aldershot.


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My Dear Mummy
Thank so much for your letter My name is also in the Times as presented by Brigadier General Wyatt DSO an appointment Wyatt is Colonel of the regt Four of us wait up to the Levice on Tuesday the CO the three newly joined subalterms and myself and also COs wife we travelled up by train in uniform We went first to his club and had a drink and then walked across St James Park to the Palace We walked through the main entrance where there was a brand of HM HM Grenadier Guards and also a Cos of Grenadier Guards who stood to attention as we passed Then we went inside the Palace itself I have ever see anything quite like it it needs to be seen to be believed The colour was wonderful and

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see all these beef eaters life guards powdered headed footmen coachmen etc all standing round like statues are thought are was looking at a picture or a waz works exhibition Up a great flight of stairs we went along a wonderful corridor gold leaf on the walls mirrored doors huge chandeliers lovely old paintings by famous painters and some incredible old clocks The floor and woodwork is all highly polished walnut and the carpets were beautifully thick and into a room where everybody was waiting some in kahki some in full dress soldiers sailors airmen diplomats nobility etc I saw several chaps I knew The room was decorated just like the corridor and in the rooms were members of the Kings Bodyguard in the most splendid uniforms They are all colones or generals who have had command of some sort One was VC and they nearly all had a DSO and MC After